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    Hi! I'm Gene

    I am a self-taught programmer. Coding, designing and solving problems caught me and I fell in love with it. If given a chance, I will do my best to work and improve on a given field. I am a determined worker and willing to be trained to improve myself. I'll do my best to work harder and smarter to accomplish the task. Just give me chance to grab and I will adventure with you guys.

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    Self-taught Programmer
    Computer literate: Google Apps, Libre Office, Microsoft Office, Adobe Audition, Adobe PS
    Programming Language: Expert - UniPaaS, Magic XPA.net.
    Basic - HTML 5, CSS 3, Java Script, Python, PHP.
    Programming Environment: Sublime, Visual Studio Code, Jetbrains (PyCharm and WebStorm)
    Web Framework (FE): Bootstrap, Gumby, Foundation, Skeleton, Materialize, REACTjs
    Web Framework (Full-Stack): MeteorJS (NodeJS)
    Platform: Wordpress, Django, Magento, Prestashop.
    Web Service: Rest, WSDL
    Computer Hardware, Software, Network Servicing
    Can play guitar, piano and violin
    Has the necessary musical skills in arranging and composition as well as choir conducting
    Commendable skills in photography, designing logos, t-shirt printing and charcoal painting
    Can deal with different kinds of people
    Can work under minimum supervision
    Creative and has initiative in solving problems
    Can easily adapt to new environment
    Optimistic and has a pleasant personality
    Problem Solver, Good Researcher, Resourcefulness



    Previously, I worked as a software developer and system analyst in a US-based company for almost 5 years. But I resigned to be able to travel and take care of my bussiness. So now, I opt for and do home-based jobs. I've been working on some projects locally and creating softwares to help schools, churches outomize their work.

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